Mycity4kids, Online Content Platform for Mothers Rebrands as “Mompresso”

mycity4kids, a startup conceived in 2012 as a platform for discovery of kid services and events has in due course transformed into a one stop solution and platform that provides the single biggest source of information for mothers to discuss and learn about the parenting issues faced by them in context relevant for today’s time and age.

mycity4kids is now in process of rebranding the platform that will truly represent mothers as a whole called “Momspresso” with the tagline “There’s More To Me”. “Momspresso” represents the next level of transformation where the platform would be representing a woman beyond being a mother. “Momspresso” will enlarge the share of its content that will cover all aspects of a mother and women. The platform truly represents that there is more to women. It is with this thought in mind that mycity4kids have decided to broaden the horizons and make it a site that caters to the multi-faceted Mom of today.

The platform today garners more than 7.5 million views every month with traffic growing at 25% per month. 90% of the content is User Generated and produced by 5500 bloggers, with 100 new blogs being added daily. 35,000 blogs are currently available on “Momspresso” platform. The startup has already break even working with more than 50 marquee global brands. It has been earliest & one of the leading platform that has realized the potential of content marketing and build a sustainable business around it.

It provides content in 6 regional language and plan to expand it to 10 languages. Regional language content has already been growing faster than English and further expansion in languages will provide the company to expand its geographical reach. The company plans to expand its monthly users from 7 million to 70 million in next 3 years. Momspresso is also looking to expand its revenue base from Rs. 20 crore in FY17-18 to Rs. 200 crores in next 3 years.

The startup has gradually shifted its strategy from starting as a listing platform to becoming a platform that caters to needs of mothers and now it has expanded as a platform that will not only cater to mothers as a parent but also address all other aspect of a mother as a women.


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